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Cedar Lane Alternative Education was established in 1990 as an alternative means for students to obtain their high school diplomas. Perhaps the most notable difference between alternative education and a traditional education is that alternative education attracts a broader spectrum of students who have a relative difficulty assimilating into a general education format. It is this quality that gives them a unique commonality with each other, an alternative perspective on how they might most effectively interact in their education. Many come from inconceivably difficult family backgrounds and have experienced a range of traumatic events in the short course of their lives that most people likely never will.

Cedar Lane Alternative Education is a basic skills program with emphasis on helping students to develop a positive self-concept, respect for others, and community awareness. This program is designed to meet High School and/or Adult Education graduation requirements of Niles Community Schools. To earn credits, a student is required to complete a semester, participate and complete course work, and participate in field trips and community service projects.

The Mission of Cedar Lane Alternative High School is to insure that every student:

  • Succeeds academically
  • Gains the knowledge and skills needed to be a responsible, productive citizen
  • Appreciate one's self and others.

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