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Students develop lasting bond

May 20, 2008 By JESSICA SIEFF Niles Daily Star

NILES - Cedar Lane students shared their feelings about the "Reaching for the Reins" program they took part in with the Therapeutic Equestrian Center (TEC) in Buchanan with the Niles School Board at Monday night's meeting, according to Tara Carlsen, math teacher. She offered some of the students' comments. "The program meant a lot to me," said student Andrea Price. "I learned so much about horses and individuals with disabilities. The program meant to me more than any experience I have had. I loved knowing the kids were looking up to me and needed my help. I am going to miss this program and I will definitely go volunteer again." "Being a Cedar Lane student I know that we don't have a good reputation and are known as bad kids sometimes," student Krickett Dickinson said. "And now that people know that we are caring and nice people, it meant so much to me." The students were joined at the meeting by Danielle Greulich, equine manager at TEC. It was great "that we had a chance to show everyone what we spent our time on and to show the board that practice makes perfect," Lisa Gagliardo said. "The Lighthouse kids were very helpful and want to do things on their own." Recognition from the board, it seems, was as rewarding as the program itself. "Being recognized by the board felt great," Jessica Miller said. "It was the best feeling in the world. I never though that doing something, just volunteering would make me feel this great." Added, Kara Fulleriede, "Well, being a Cedar Lane student to be recognized at the board means the world to me. Cedar Lane is looked down on, like we are hardened criminals and so far us to be recognized for something good is amazing."